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A much more interesting business!

Week 24, 2012

The conference, in relation with the Cartes trade show, focused on new means of payment, with including online payment, micropayments, prepaid, payments managed by mobile network operators, and more. In a word, the EMV card as we know it, is becoming less central as a concern to all payment stakeholders.

Next week, SIMposium is happening in Berlin, Germany. SIMposium bears every year less relation with its name. SIMposium now includes subjects such as secure elements, surface mounted device SIMs, M2M, device management and more…. Also, in a word, SIM cards are taken for granted, and the industry is already debating about the next step.

The next step our industry envisions as the combination between payment cards and SIMs is of course NFC. However, mobile payments may actually be more complex. Apple just announced its Apple Passbook (cf. Convergence section), which integrates tickets, loyalty programs, payment cards and other items in a single application on a handset. Other players would call such an app a Mobile Wallet. From our Secure Transactions industry standpoint, what’s missing is a standardized secure means to perform payments in close proximity between such a mobile wallet and a payment terminal. Apple has not disclosed anything about its hardware decision, leaving analysts to conjectures about a potential NFC integration in the next generation iPhone.

Our business is not only “much more interesting”, the pace of change is increasing; revolutions are coming from all directions.

Thierry Spanjaard

Chief Editor

Smart Insights