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Apps, apps, apps!

Week 07, 2011

Application download and management needs security, something that is currently achieved mainly by the SIM card. Applications by themselves also require security, the expertise of our sector of the industry. We’ve been delivering SIM cards for over 20 years, and all major players in the secure transaction industry have also developed the appropriate security expertise on all segments including NFC.

GSMA announcement it is to support a standardized approach to the embedded SIM, or in other words, to turn the SIM into a piece of software that could be implemented by the handset vendor, opens interesting routes towards the evolution of the industry, but, at the same time, opens more questions. How will an embedded SIM deliver security, not only for the handset basic functions, but also for application download, management and operation? This announcement can be seen as a threat to the SIM as the cash cow of the industry, or as an opportunity to demonstrate our security expertise.

Thierry Spanjaard

Chief Editor

Smart Insights