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Busy summer!

Week 37, 2011
  • Google, a search engine and software developer, acquires Motorola, a hardware company,
  • Oberthur sells 90% of the ownership in its smart card and identity businesses, but attempts to retain managerial control,
  • L-1 Identity Solutions, a US group with over 80% of its business in sensitive US government contracts is acquired by Safran, a French mostly government-owned company,
  • Two major US mobile network operators attempts to merge, but are stopped, as the Justice Department is afraid of reviving Ma Bell,
  • China will soon have 1 billion mobile connections, and a bit later, one billion EMV cards,
  • After decades of hesitation, the US will switch to smart (contactless) payment cards, under pressure from Visa,
  • The US telcos, under Isis, choose to partner with financial institutions Visa, MasterCard, Discover and Amex,
  • The German telcos, with mPass, are setting their own payment organization,
  • A Chinese payment organization, China UnionPay, is launching a mobile handset without the support of mobile network operators.

So many events to cover is a hint our secure transactions industry in getting every day in a more central role at the crossroads of telecom, identity, payment, etc. The instant result is that this issue of Smart Insights Weekly is heavier than ever. The medium and long-term outcome is a lot more important: our industry is central not only to technology people, but to the daily life of almost every human.

Thierry Spanjaard

Chief Editor

Smart Insights