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Week 24, 2011

FUD is used on a permanent basis in mass media and politics, to make the population accept restriction to its rights in exchange for a better security feeling.

It is often used in business too, as the term was originally coined by IBM in the 1970s, as a means to promote the company’s product by making customers believe they were at risk with competitors’ equipment. FUD is also widely recognized as a tactic used to promote the sale or implementation of security products and measures.

News this week revolve a lot around FUD tactics…

The RSA hack, which was first uncovered a couple months ago (cf. Smart Insights Weekly #11-12), is now the centerpiece of communication of all players in the enterprise security field, busy building demonstrations that their products and technologies are safer.

Also, as Google Wallet is, at least for the time being, triggering more comments than transactions, commentators, with variable knowledge levels, try to establish their security analysis of the Wallet model. Of course, FUD is never far away, and under cover marketing strategies are appearing…

Thierry Spanjaard

Chief Editor

Smart Insights