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Global industry needs global information

Week 45, 2011

Nowadays, we are all conscious we’re living in a global world, and our secure transactions industry is no exception.

Cartes & IDentification trade show is here to remind us our industry is global, and our markets expand worldwide. Technology development and adoption happens on a worldwide basis, innovation is everywhere, both in terms of technology and innovative business models.

To support its readers in gaining a better understanding of the status and challenges in nowadays secure transactions industry, Smart Insights has just published two White Papers covering dynamic international markets:

  • “NFC gains momentum in China” covers ongoing projects around NFC technology in China and the changes they bring in the mobile communication and financial ecosystem,
  • “Telcos, banks, wallets: NFC take-off in America” is mainly centered around Google Wallet and Isis, and provides a clearer view of all partners in both organizations, it also includes information about other mobile wallet projects in the USA.

With these White Papers, Smart Insights brings into light the latest international developments in the secure transactions industry. Both White Papers are available on Smart Insights booth # 4 H 089, during Cartes & Identification trade show, in Paris.

Be sure to come and visit us!

Thierry Spanjaard

Chief Editor

Smart Insights