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Handsets or Swiss Army knives?

Week 03, 2012

Certifying handsets poses some issues, as generally a certification, whether it is for banking or for government level security, covers a finished immutable product, whereas handsets are evolving by nature, along with OS releases, and applications additions. Handsets are far more complex than just smart cards or security devices such as secure USB tokens.

At the same time, having financial authorities or government bodies certifying handsets is a proof of the evolution of our needs. Voice communication is now taken for granted, and is no longer the core usage of handsets. Usages are already diversified, from emails to GPS, including checking weather forecasts, bank accounts, etc.

Also this week, Intel is announcing that thanks to Inside Technologies and Secure Key, they are integrating NFC functions in Ultrabook devices, allowing both logical access control and payment to become easier and more ubiquitous.

With the advent of new services on handsets, they will be even more present in our lives. When the handset is at the same time our payment means, and our means of physical and logical access control, we can be sure we will not forget it home or anywhere else.

But what happens when the handset fails, or when simply its battery is down? The mobile communication industry still has a long way to go to bring us some improvements on battery duration, and on reliability if they want to actually become the center of our digital life.

Thierry Spanjaard

Chief Editor

Smart Insights