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IPO of a secure transactions pure player

Week 06, 2012

Inside Secure is positioned not only on NFC, but also on contactless payment cards, and on several sub-segments of the enterprise security area, including PayTV, and enterprise security. Contactless payment cards represent one of the major growth areas in the industry, especially with the adoption of EMV both in the US (cf. Smart Insights Weekly #11-37) and in China (cf. SIW #10-38).

Inside is recognized for its strong expertise in contactless, NFC and more globally security. It is facing NXP, more global, thus less focused, but with a lot more resources, and the NFC market has already seen announcements from new entrants such as Broadcom, ST Microelectronics, Qualcomm or others. Inside will need to fight hard to remain ahead of these major players in terms of innovation, development and marketshare. These upcoming battles need cash, leading to the company’s present IPO.

Besides technical recognition, and its strong R&D resources, Inside is recognized for the quality of its communication over the last few years, and has built up its NFC evangelist position. When Remy de Tonnac meets general press journalists, such as BFM in France, he is instantly associated with the image of transactions on handsets.

The success of Inside Secure introduction will be a hint of the global confidence of investors in our industry, and of our ability to make the general public understand where we are aiming.

Thierry Spanjaard

Chief Editor

Smart Insights