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Information has a price

Week 12, 2010

In the survey, internet users were asked, among other things, how willing they would be to pay for content – in particular on websites focusing on news, entertainment and general knowledge, such as Wikipedia. 80% of respondents in the 17 countries where the survey was conducted want continued free access to online content: a third of all survey participants are of the opinion that Internet content should be free of advertising and free of charge. However, some countries view the concept of paying for digital content more positively: 23% of Swedes, almost 20% of Dutch and British people and 17% of Americans would not mind paying to access information on the web.

59% of US internet users say they predominantly use the world wide web to search for information. In contrast, only 45% of people in Central/Eastern Europe place information search as their priority.

Even if for users with private internet access, information is expected to be free, in the professional world information is a business tool, an instrument for business success, so it has a price. It is the price of time and expertise. Most of the information found in Smart Insights Weekly may be available elsewhere. But, to find it, you would need a lot of time, and even with the information itself, you would be deprived from understanding history, context, and consequences of raw information. Smart Insights Weekly brings you value added information. The added value comes from a quarter of a century experience in the secure transactions industry, years of passionate information research, and an extensive connection network.

This allows us to provide you with the best information in our industry. Information that allows you to make the right day to day and strategic decisions. We not only support you in making the right decisions, but also ensure you will not make the wrong decision because you miss an essential piece of information for your business.

Supporting you in making the right decisions, preventing you from making wrong decisions, this our core purpose. This has undoubtedly a value for your business success.

Thierry Spanjaard

Chief Editor

Smart Insights