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Leaks from diplomatic sources vs. enterprise security

Week 48, 2010

This attracts our attention to the importance of computer security. Our Secure Transactions Industry is at the core of enterprise security solutions, as it has built the appropriate expertise in security and in user-friendliness of portable devices to design and implement the best solutions in enterprise security. All the traditional smart card vendors have added enterprise security to their core offer. The industry leaders, in their strategy to evolve from simple smart card delivery to complete solutions consider enterprise security to be the avenue they want to follow. This business area, is already populated by security specialists, which have developed a full offer of solutions including Unconnected OTP (One-Time-Password) Generators and Secure USB Tokens. Both solutions are used in enterprise security, online banking, eGovernment, transport, online gaming, and secure mass storage.

Smart Insights team has been investigating these subjects in depth for years. We just published a new Smart Insights Report titled “Unconnected OTP Generator Market 2011”, which covers markets for all devices protecting data and transactions without requiring a physical connection. These devices include physical time-based and event-based OTP generators, as well as mobile OTP generators and display cards.

This new Smart Insights Report, along with the previously published “Global Secure USB Token Market 2010” provides a full view of security solutions. So that secrets will never be leaked again…

Thierry Spanjaard

Chief Editor

Smart Insights