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Lessons learnt from 2011

Week 50, 2011

According to NXP as well as to analysts, the industry will have delivered around 40 million NFC-enabled handsets over the year, which may be considered as a drop in the more than 1.5 billion handsets delivered each year, but is actually a gigantic step towards mass-scale consumer adoption of NFC technology. Also, the set up of US nationwide NFC projects by Google and Isis is good news for the industry, even if some hurdles remain on the path towards mass market.

Other major events in our industry have been the clear decision made in the remaining magstripe empires, namely China and the United States, to switch to smart cards for payment.

From a more local standpoint, adoption of the French eID law will allow the deployment of secure IDs, and will put the French industrialists on par with the German ones, with a home market as a base for the deployment of the technology on a global basis.

With the embedded SIM and NFC around the corner, the future is promising with changes, uncertainties, revolutions, business developments and collapses, business models changes and reinventions, etc.

“Information is the resolution of uncertainty”, said Claude Shannon, a cryptographer and the father of information theory. In 2012, Smart Insights will be here to help you make smarter decisions by reducing uncertainty.

Thierry Spanjaard

Chief Editor

Smart Insights