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Mobile wallet Holy Grail

Week 14, 2012

Players are coming from different horizons, and bring different experiences. At the same time, due to global human difficulty in envisioning something radically different from our current live or business experience, all players have a different idea of the final shape of their Holy Grail.

We’ve seen Isis trying to reach the Mobile Wallet Grail though industry wide partnerships, Google attempting to get there in a monolithic manner, Square has been playing on these grounds for a while but is now facing the new kid on the block, PayPal. At the same time, other players are trying to get there from a different approach, as we may see with the acquisition of Clairmail by Monitise, which both focus on delivering the mobile access user experience.

This is still moving grounds. But, all players may wonder first if the Holy Grail is as Holy as it seems, in other words, by competing on fees before the business develops are they not destroying it beforehand? And having too many people willing to reach the Holy Grail may kill it altogether.

Thierry Spanjaard

Chief Editor

Smart Insights