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Mobilecommerce to lead to mobile payment

Week 02, 2011

Users want to feel as comfortable shopping on their phones as they do online. So merchants need to provide them with a totally secure and seamless experience. During a critical time of year for almost every kind of retailer, merchants need to offer the easiest, most seamless checkout process they can.

But mobile online payment experience is just part of the answer. This fast increase in mobile shopping leads to more demand in physical mobile payment, such as the one provided by NFC technology. Already, we can see that all participants in NFC trials are fully supportive of the technology, even if the user interface is not yet standardized and stabilized. Just experiencing the ease of payment with a tap of a handset makes users enthusiastic, even if issues like choice of card or PIN acquisition on the handset or on the terminal are not yet fully defined.

The good news of the beginning of this year is that big names such as Google, Paypal, major MNOs, Samsung and probably soon Apple, are jumping onto the NFC bandwagon. They will be able to bring their user-interface expertise and to bring NFC mobile payment experience to a level a comfort and fluency not experienced before. During 2011, we will see mobile payment user experience taken to new heights.

Thierry Spanjaard

Chief Editor

Smart Insights