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More cybercrime means more security needs

Week 14, 2009

Cybercrime is no longer a matter of amateur hackers but has evolved into a professional industry. For this reason legitimate users are more and more ready to pay attention to solutions that will bring them efficient solutions for enterprise security. Interestingly, IT security budgets are less affected than other corporate spending by general reduction that other corporate budgets. Finjian survey demonstrates that 34% of IT security professionals indicated that their IT security budgets for 2009 will increase, while 43% of all respondents expect their IT security budget for 2009 to remain the same.

This is an opportunity for us, the smart security industry, to supply efficient solutions for companies to increase their security level while supporting user convenience at the same time. In the context of this opportunity, industry players are developing new solutions, or developing their activities to bring a better value proposition to their customers.

This week, we witness the creation of a new major player in the enterprise security field with the merger between SafeNet and Aladdin Knowledge Systems. Both companies have been proposing smart secure device based solutions for years. SafeNet claims it has attracted 10,000 users, and Aladdin claims 30,000 users. The major point is both companies have developed a strong experience in using secure portable objects, in all aspects of our industry. For instance, besides direct enterprise security developments, SafeNet is involved in providing application and transaction security tools in the Taiwan ePassport application that involves secure access, biometrics, contactless portable objects, etc. SafeNet is also involved in secure mobile TV projects. Aladdin has been involved for long in various segments of our industry: enterprise security, identity, payment, etc.

This combination will not only build a major actor in the field of smart portable object based enterprise security, but also allow our whole industry to gain ore visibility and market presence. We will be more recognized as a valid, reliable and cost effective answer tot he security challenges identified in Finjian (and others) study.

Thierry Spanjaard

Chief Editor

Smart Insights