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NFC innovation in all directions

Week 16, 2012

Maybe the most important announcement was the introduction of Nokia’s first NFC-enabled Windows-based handset, the Lumia 610 NFC, using Inside Secure NFC chips. In addition, many smaller companies also presented interesting innovations.

The NFC Forum took the opportunity of WIMA to announce its yearly prizes, and among the companies that received an award, Good2gether stands out, as it combines natural human inclination to give and human positive values, with NFC technology. Good2gether uses NFC badges to allow shoppers to identify merchants contributing to non-profit organizations and learn of the causes the business support. This way, consumers can take this aspect into account when making purchase decisions.

SPS, Smart Packaging Solutions, a company already well known for its dual technology contact – contactless banking cards, demonstrated a NFC shell using its booster technology, that will allow to transform any legacy handset into a NFC device with the combination of a NFC SIM or MicroSD card and SPS Booster shell.

Another interesting development is the one demonstrated by Think and Go NFC, which aims at taking advantage of people who already own a NFC handset and proposes them to install a panel with a set of NXP powered tags at home. This way consumers can tap to access real time product information displayed on the phone and filtered according to their preferences with clothing sizes, food allergies, nutritional information and related promotions and simplify their day to day shopping.

Be it payment or non payment, NFC business is growing. What is growing even more is the creativity of application developers.

Thierry Spanjaard

Chief Editor

Smart Insights