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NFC ubiquity to change our lives

Week 08, 2011

Smart Poster applications, as demonstrated in Nice, are becoming increasingly attractive as a means to bring interaction with users, and to collect individual behavior data, that will then be used as a one to one marketing tool.

The automotive industry is actively investigating on how to include NFC technologies in their cars. The objective is to bring a totally personalized user experience to the driver. His NFC handset is at the same time the best identification tool, the best information carrier, and the best communication device. BMW researchers have added an NFC interface and a security controller to a current BMW car key to extend interactions with contactless payment, ticketing and access systems (cf. Smart Insights Weekly #11-07). At the same time, the US automotive industry, including Ford and Chevrolet, is actively involved in the integration between NFC technologies and electric cars development.

One may think of a global automotive ecosystem in which the NFC handset brings the user identification, and the most convenient user interaction, and the electric car is localized thanks to GPS, can be tracked, and  users can be given the latest information relevant to them and their preferences according to location. This brings a new step in location based services. The association between the automobile and the NFC handset brings the combination between mobility and ubiquity.

Thierry Spanjaard

Chief Editor

Smart Insights