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Perpetual motion

Week 38, 2011

This is truer than ever this year, with a combination of high level R&D subjects and more concrete and mid term oriented conferences.

Thanks to regular meetings, conferences and trade shows, the industry learns to present a unified feeling on various aspects. Just a year ago, the simple concept of embedded SIM (the dematerialization of the SIM, which has been the cash cow of the industry for years) was so frightening to everyone, that a wall of silence had been erected around it. Now, thoughts have changed, strategy departments have done their homework, advanced marketing has established its talk, and most people in the industry consider the embedded SIM is bound to happen. Of course, various interest groups defend various positions about it, and forecasting the development of the concept is not yet consensual. But most of the secure transactions industry has accepted its business model is about to change.

Along with this evolution of business model, the industry is changing its market segment definitions. Interestingly, such a move is already taking place in Russia, where employers distribute banking cards to employees, social security cards are used to pay for transport, and an ID card will be launched shortly with payment and transport functions, and more features to come. We have just published a new Smart Insights report titled “Russia Smart Card Market 2012”, more details in the Focus section and on our website.

Whether it is in Russia, or elsewhere, the secure transactions industry is on a perpetual motion. We remain by your side to help you understand better the major moves and the strategy behind daily announcements.

Thierry Spanjaard

Chief Editor

Smart Insights