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Recognition at last!

Week 25, 2010

Another recognition hint comes from the offer made by Broadcom on Innovision Research and Technology. Broadcom is a leader in everything wireless, including Bluetooth, WiFi, and other technologies. For instance, Broadcom is a supplier of wireless functions for Apple’s iPhone. Broadcom with its US$ 4.5 billion (EUR 3.7 billion) yearly sales is acquiring a company that has built up its name by supplying NFC IP to a large part of our ecosystem (cf. Convergence section).

However, good news not only come for NFC technology. Alternative technologies such as Tagattitude’s NSDT has also earned customer recognition with the announcement of its first banking business in France (cf. Convergence section).

Even if development of convergent technologies, allowing to perform payment and more globally secure transactions on mobile handsets has been slower than anticipated at first, this series of positive news shows the recognition of our efforts is coming.

Thierry Spanjaard

Chief Editor

Smart Insights