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Roland Moreno 1945 - 2012

Week 18, 2012

Roland Moreno filed his first patent relating to the security of portable objects in 1974, and he kept on filing additional inventions until 1980. His invention then was left abandoned for around ten years, when the French government, owing to Roland Moreno energy and efforts to see his invention put to use, decided to adopt it for banking and as a phonecard. Then came French industrialists, both on the semiconductor side with SGS Thomson (now ST Microelectronics), and on the card side (Bull CP8, Schlumberger, and later Gemplus, all now part of Gemalto), which played a central role in developing the industry. Other industrialists started similar projects in Germany, Japan, … Some of these industrialists were extremely international minded, and helped to develop the industry on a global basis.

The story of the secure industry shows that a great invention is a major step in achieving success. But this step has to be complemented with industrialists, and business developers.

Now, the secure transactions industry, with new applications and new developments such as NFC is a bit far from the smart card Roland Moreno anticipated at the very beginning. However, his concepts are still here, at the core of the secure transactions industry.

According to Eurosmart, the secure transactions industry is going to ship more than 7 billion units in 2012, more than one per human being on Earth. Roland Moreno leaves in peace. He will be remembered for his inventions and his personality. His inventions are in good hands, and will still be growing in the future.

Thierry Spanjaard

Chief Editor

Smart Insights