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Secure transactions benefit to citizens

Week 48, 2011

Singapore, for example, is aggressively driving innovation in e-health, and is a pioneer in traffic-congestion management. Seoul, meanwhile, is using ICT to realize many environmental benefits of high tech initiatives.

From our Secure Transactions centric point of view, we may just notice Singapore has been for at least 20 years the hotbed of smart card applications. Singapore is among the pioneers in the Electronic Road Pricing System, as well as in using secure transactions for public transport payment. Singapore is also where electronic purses have become a nationwide, widely used device. And now, Singapore is ahead of the rest of us again with its national TSM program.

Also in Seoul, public transport has been paid with contactless cards for almost two decades. And, now again, South Korea is a pioneer in NFC adoption. The common point between all listed cities in Ericsson Networked Society City Index top 10 is the presence of strong public transport programs, which are in some cases extended to become a global electronic purse system, or are to be integrated in a NFC rollout.

Public transport plays a central role in developing city policies that actually directly serve citizens. We, in the Secure Transactions industry, are at the core of developments for better governance better serving citizens.

Thierry Spanjaard

Chief Editor

Smart Insights