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Shortsighted or longsighted?

Week 46, 2011

During the World Card Summit, all the most influential people in the industry were able to give elaborate talks about our mid term future. NFC adoption brings questions about the future of the banking card: when NFC is totally accepted, and everyone carries a NFC handset, what will be the use of a card? The announcement by Gemalto and Giesecke & Devrient that they are introducing Embedded SIMs raises comparable questions about the future of the removable SIM as we know it today.

All CEOs and top managers are able to answer these long-term questions. The commonly accepted thesis is that the card form factor may evolve, but there will always be a need for hardware-based security, for apps in a handset, to secure payment, to transact securely with M2M connected objects, or to secure our identity in the could.

However no one explains how the transition from the current situation where secure transaction major players build up their strength from their industrial tool to this future situation is going to happen. Now, we get the impression our industrialists are longsighted.

And when we put the pieces of the puzzle together, the same industrialists are actually Eurosmart members. So are we shortsighted, longsighted, … or just close to a time warp?

Thierry Spanjaard

Chief Editor

Smart Insights