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Smart Insights Report brings clarity to NFC TSM offers

Week 15, 2011

The conjunction of these events reinforces the certainty NFC is soon to take off. The industry has been working on the subject from many years, but expansion was hindered by a series of factors: business model was unclear, handsets were missing, standardization was not complete, test procedures were not established, and customer demand was not identified. Now, in early 2011, headsets are becoming available, the industry is all set up to deliver all parts of the NFC ecosystem and to have them certified. At the same time, heavyweight players (mobile network operators, financial institutions, handset vendors, systems integrators, secure transaction industrialists) are coming in the NFC arena, and putting their weight to sustain the development of the offer, as they anticipate a fast adoption by customers.

As this ecosystem is complex, many, in the industry, and in the business world at large feel they lack a good understanding of what are the major stakes in the development of the NFC market. Smart Insights Report "Trusted Service Manager for NFC market 2011" brings this clarity to the market, as it covers all aspects of the ecosystem, through an in-depth analysis of its central player, the Trusted Service Management platform.

Thierry Spanjaard

Chief Editor

Smart Insights