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Smart Security ready for growth opportunities

Week 42, 2009

For the mobile communication market, SIMalliance recently published its 2008 market figures (cf. Smart Insights Weekly  #09-41) demonstrating SIM shipments grew 14% between H1/2008 and H1/2009. At the same time, Eurosmart anticipates the payment card market is to grow by 14.8% in volume in 2009. And the ID card market is growing as is demonstrated by the number of new projects announcements in the fields of ePassports and ID cards.

In our industry, the enterprise security sector is maybe the newest, and one of the most innovative. All major players in our industry focus on securing access to networks, and more globally accessed to information systems, be it for mass market of for enterprises. The demand for the smart security expertise in this domain is pushed by a combination of factors.

The first factor is the democratization of computers and internet access: our of a world population of 6.9 billion, 1.9 billion people have access to a PC at home (source: ITU World). Also, more and more of our life is digitized, and our computers become a universal access to personal identity, data and transactions, especially thanks to eIdentity projects. Lastly increasing complexity of information systems, along with the increasing skills of criminals push for an increasing demand in means for users to protect their identity and assets on line. All these factors together are well understood by leaders in our industry. All major players in our industry have established strategies to tackle the enterprise security market, and regularly announce new products and services aiming at supplying an ever-increasing array of protection means for legitimate users.

Thierry Spanjaard

Chief Editor

Smart Insights