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Smart card not a major invention?

Week 12, 2009

Their ranking is as follows:

  1. Internet and broadband
  2. PC and laptop computers
  3. Mobile phones
  4. Email
  5. DNA sequencing and testing
  6. Magnetic resonance imaging
  7. Microprocessors
  8. Fiber optics
  9. Office software
  10. Laser/robotic surgery
  11. Open-source software
  12. Light-emitting diodes
  13. Liquid crystal display
  14. GPS devices
  15. E-commerce and auctions
  16. Media file compression
  17. Microfinance
  18. Photovoltaic solar energy
  19. Large-scale wind turbines
  20. Internet social networking

One may be disappointed not to see our core business, the smart card, listed here. A part of the answer lies in the fact this ranking was made by North Americans, in the last part of the world to embrace our technology. Another answer is that smart security technology is so ubiquitous, it has been forgotten by the judges.

Indeed, the smart card, or in a broader meaning, the smart security industry, or the secure portable object industry, is at the cross roads of most of the technologies listed in this ranking.

Our industry as at the core of some of the inventions listed here: mobile phones (#3), microprocessors (#7), … Of course, our industry still has some ground to cover to be seen as an integral part of internet and broadband (#1), PC and laptop computers (#2), email (#4), office software (#9), open source software (#11), Microfinance (#17), internet social networking (#20).

This demonstrates that we still have a lot to do in terms of evangelization about our technology. Maybe a step in this direction is achieved by Gemalto’s recent communication campaign in mass audience press, such as The Wall Street Journal, or Le Monde.

Thierry Spanjaard
Chief Editor
Smart Insights