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Steve Jobs 1955 - 2011

Week 41, 2011

The whole world, not only the hi tech community has expressed mourning and a deep recognition for his achievements and the way Steve Jobs, through Apple, has changed our world and the way we live.

In our specific field of interest, the secure transactions, Apple, under Jobs management and strategic vision, has already done a lot.

Making microcomputers accessible to everyone has played a role in the wide diffusion of the technology. This has had positive aspects, such as creating computer-literate users who are ready to use their computers to access services and perform transactions. But also, a wider spread of computers has triggered more computer insecurity, thus the need for security solutions, often based on the physical device security brought by secure transactions technologies.

Maybe the most impactful aspect of Apple’s developments on our world is the iPhone, the first popular consumer smartphone. Thanks to the iPhone, users have gotten used to application download and management. The iTunes store has shown how to make transactions by aggregating micropayments. Already mobile banking is present on smartphones making users comfortable with money management on a handset. Apple has also filed a series of patents that allow us to think mobile payment is under way. All of these aspects pave the way for upcoming developments such as the download of payment apps, and, eventually, NFC payments.

Also, the success of Apple, created in a garage 35 years, ago, and still run by its founder, inspired many inventors, company founders and managers, giving them the confidence they could change the world.

Mr. Jobs, wherever you may be, you’re forgiven for not having brought us yet an iPhone 5 NFC. We will all miss you.

Thierry Spanjaard

Chief Editor

Smart Insights