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Week 13, 2010

Ericsson measurements show that that data traffic globally grew 280% during each of the last two years, and is forecast to double annually over the next five years. Most of the data traffic comes from use of smartphones and PCs. Also in December 2009, traffic in 3G networks was higher than traffic in 2G networks on a global scale.

This represents an essential milestone for our mobile communication industry. We have overcome the Graham Bell initial vision of a device bringing people’s voice together to reach a device bringing data to each of us. With this device now in the hands of 400 million broadband subscribers, who demand access to all data anytime anywhere, we can bring all sorts of applications to end users. The move is already started with the app stores, Apple app store already proposes more than 150,000 applications.

With a data device in the hand of hundreds of millions of user, we can start the development of new value added propositions to the individual and business user communities. From now on, we can think of our mobile handheld devices not as voice communication tools, but as a means to reach all the data we want and need. Thanks to mobile broadband, access to the whole humanity knowledge and creation anywhere anytime from our handheld device is no longer a dream.

For the secure transactions industry, new business models are yet to be developed bringing together our creativity, our expertise in security and the new infinite possibilities brought by a data device in everyone’s hand.

Thierry Spanjaard

Chief Editor

Smart Insights