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Twenty ten

Week 02, 2010

In the telecom segment, mobile network operators are still affected by the crisis, triggering more mergers and acquisitions than ever. The impact of these M&As will be larger and stronger mobile network operators than before; with the risk for our industry that they will use their bargaining power to bring prices down. We should all remain cautious, as a price war on SIMs would be detrimental to the whole smart card and secure transaction industry. Better than a price war, the SIM card industry will propose ever more innovation.

In the payment segment, while more countries undertake their EMV migration, the secure transaction industry will monitor closely public reactions to the adoption of contactless payments. Only a combined demand from cardholders and merchants will trigger bank decisions to invest in the infrastructure for the adoption of contactless payments.

The Government ID segment will be keeping on with a steady growth. More countries adopt ePassports, pushed by international constraint. Also, European countries are on their (slow) route to standardization for ID cards, driving licenses, healthcare cards, etc… 2010 will also be the year of the first project development milestones for one of the largest ID undertakings in the world, the UID project in India. The completion of the first milestones will allow observers to anticipate the future of the project.

Projects in Enterprise Security and in Transport will keep going steadily. The increase of risks will drive more enterprises to adopt secure access solutions. And we can expect more large-scale transport projects will happen in 2010. Also, maybe long delayed transport projects such as the ones in Australia will actually start in 2010.

In 2010 like in 2009, Convergence will be at the center of everyone’s attention. Undoubtedly, the ongoing NFC pilots will keep going, and new pilots will be launched. Undoubtedly, consumer studies will demonstrate consumers are enthusiastic with NFC technology, convenience and capabilities. With the combination of consumer demand, and a wider choice of handsets, one can only hope 2010 will be the year large real-size implementations of the NFC technology will be launched. Also in the Convergence segment, more developers will provide innovative solutions for international mobile money needs.

The fate of predictions is never to be totally accomplished. To monitor in detail what will happen over this year, Smart Insights Weekly will remain by your side, and keep you informed week after week.

Thierry Spanjaard

Chief Editor

Smart Insights Weekly