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WIMA: We Imagine Massive Applications

Week 16, 2011

Their reason can be found in phrases like “the handsets are coming”, “we are ready”, “preparing NFC expansion nationwide”, “how to boost NFC deployments”, “NFC proliferation”, and even “a global interoperable future”. The buzz from the show is going in the same direction, “we’ve achieved in Q1/2011 almost the same sales in the NFC segment as in whole 2010”, said the head a technology company.

The NFC ecosystem is ready, all pieces of the puzzle are falling in place: network operators, handset vendors, service providers, Trusted Service Managers (cf. Our Smart Insights Report). And the last piece of the puzzle we need to focus on is the Customer. Only the customer will decide on NFC adoption. For this, the industry needs to ensure we bring simplicity, convenience, local information and transactions, security, and universality with global compatibility.

Also, the development of NFC is to go through simple applications, generally not involving payment, such as exchanging contacts and relating to social networks, accessing touristic information and services, or even performing biological tests. These applications will at the same time benefit from the NFC handset infrastructure and demonstrate customers the versatility of the technology.

So the future is brighter than ever…

Thierry Spanjaard

Chief Editor

Smart Insights