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We provide mobile services!

Week 07, 2010

An example of the lack of recognition of our industry comes from “SIM Technology”, the name of a Chinese company which designs handsets, but definitely not SIM cards! Also, on a handset vendor booth, NFC is understood only as the American National Football Conference.

Our industry is still not recognized as central, or in other worlds, a large part of the mobile communication industry has other priorities and forgets about the central role of the SIM card.

As a reaction to this evolution, our industry is structuring and expanding into new ventures, and expanding its image beyond the traditional SIM card.

During the Mobile World Congress, Gemalto was proud to have presented a booth entirely dedicated to services, without ever having to mention SIM cards, which actually remain their core business. Also, meeting booths from Valimo, Netsize, O3SIS, Trusted Logic bearing the same baseline “a Gemalto company” in several halls in the MWC reinforces the image of the group. Industry’s number two, Giesecke & Devrient, now positions itself as covering a large part of the mobile services ecosystem, with its subsidiaries Venyon, Secunet, Smarttrust, and G&D Secure Flash Solutions.

By expanding in all business areas around the SIM card, our industry is gaining a higher recognition, not only from its traditional customers, the mobile network operators, but from the whole mobile communication community. By getting recognition, and positioning ourselves as a provider of mobile services, we will get more attention, and ultimately bring more value to our industry.

Thierry Spanjaard

Chief Editor

Smart Insights