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Smart Insights Report: More than 1 billion users of Unconnected OTP Generators worldwide in 2015

Tuesday 30 November 2010

MARSEILLE, FRANCE, November 30, 2010 – Intelling, a consultancy specializing in market intelligence and secure transactions, just published a new Smart Insights Report titled “Unconnected OTP Generator Market 2011”, showing the dynamics of both hardware and mobile OTP generators for online banking and enterprise security markets.


“Unconnected OTP Generator Market 2011” focuses on the market for unconnected generators of One-Time-Passwords (OTP), such as portable EMV-CAP readers, and time-based or event-based OTP generators. The fast-growing mobile OTP generators, as well as display cards, are also included in this Smart Insights Report.


This “Smart Insights Report” provides answers to the following questions:

  • How do OTP generators provide security to end-users?
  • What are the technology options in an OTP generator project, along with their advantage / cost ratio?
  • How to evaluate the various security levels, deployment and maintenance cost for each option?
  • What will be the market volume evolution in each segment?
  • What will be the market growth in value, over the next years, in each segment?
  • Who are the major players and the market leaders for each segment?
  • What are the strengths and weaknesses of each company involved in this market?


According to the results of the report, the “Unconnected OTP Generator Market” will reach more than 1 billion users in 2015, including 611 million mobile OTP users and 446 million hardware unconnected OTP generator users.


“Unconnected OTP Generator Market 2011” includes qualitative, technology and quantitative information about the various market segments. This report is an indispensable tool for every company involved in Unconnected OTP Generator market segments: online banking, enterprise security, and others segments such as e-government and online gaming.


“Unconnected OTP Generator Market 2011 report will help readers understand how the unconnected OTP generator market is structured and will evolve. Mobile OTP generators bring a flexibility and convenience that will soon be recognized by the market, triggering a growth 1.5 times faster than hardware OTP generators”, said Hua Cong, Industry Analyst at Smart Insights, and author of the report.


“With both this new Smart Insights Report “Unconnected OTP Generator Market 2011”, and the recently published “Global Secure USB Token Market 2010”, stakeholders in the industry benefit from an exhaustive qualitative and quantitative understanding of this market”, added Thierry Spanjaard, CEO of Intelling, and head of Smart Insights Reports.


“Unconnected OTP Generator Market 2011”, a Smart Insights Report, is a must for everyone willing to understand online banking, enterprise security and other market segments, or with an interest mobile OTP generators and display cards technologies.


“Unconnected OTP Generator Market 2011” is available on line at


The report includes a detailed analysis about the following Unconnected OTP Generator vendors:

  • ActivIdentity (HID Global)
  • Aladdin (Safenet)
  • Emue Technology
  • Entrust
  • Feitian Technology
  • Gemalto including Todos, Xiring
  • InCard
  • NagraID
  • Reiner SCT
  • RSA
  • Swecard
  • Vasco


Smart Insights Reports, by Intelling, will be present at Cartes & IDentification, in Paris Villepinte, on December 7 – 9, 2010. Please come and visit us on booth 3 C 139.


About Intelling: Smart Insights Reports, along with Smart Insights Weekly, are published by Intelling, a consultancy headquartered in Marseille, France. Intelling is a consultancy with two expertise majors: marketing and strategy for secure transactions, smart cards, telecoms, payment, and convergence, as well as market intelligence, for all industry fields. Intelling is the publisher of Smart Insights Reports, that address secure transactions and smart card markets, providing an extensive qualitative and quantitative analysis. Intelling is also the publisher of Smart Insights Weekly (, a newsletter delivered to subscribers on a weekly basis (40 issues per year) that covers the smart card industry, its technology suppliers (semi-conductor, operating systems, software), its markets (mobile communication, payment, e-passport, identity, healthcare, …), its environment (standardization, trade associations), and the career of key people in the industry.


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