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Smart Insights Report: Trusted Service Managers to generate more than EUR 2 billion by 2015, says Smart Insights

Monday 11 April 2011

MARSEILLE, FRANCE, April 18, 2011 – Intelling, a consultancy specializing in market intelligence and secure transactions, just published a new Smart Insights Report titled “Trusted Service Manager (TSM) for NFC Market 2011” that investigates in detail the role of the TSM in the NFC ecosystem, and provides forecasts for the development of the TSM market.


In 2011, many positive signs demonstrate NFC is finally about to become successful. Numerous mobile network operators (MNOs), handset vendors, mass-transit operators, financial institutions, and other players are on the verge of launching NFC wide-scale projects. The multiplicity of stakeholders triggers complex ecosystems, where companies have divergent interests, but need to find common grounds to support the technology take-off and commercial rollout.


As the NFC ecosystem is complex, there is a need for a Trusted Service Manager, an entity that plays a role of intermediary between all stakeholders. A part of this role is a technical interface between the Mobile Network Operators, the Service Providers, and other stakeholders on one side and the end-users on the other side. Another part of this role is to be the commercial interface between all stakeholders. Smart Insights Report “Trusted Service Manager (TSM) for NFC Market 2011” covers the market opportunities and issues for TSM platform vendors and TSM operators playing both roles.


The report includes an analysis of the roles and relative weights of each stakeholder in the NFC ecosystem. This analysis, the positioning of each stakeholder has huge implications on the control of the whole NFC ecosystem, and the TSM is to be in a central position to arbitrate in this battle for control of the NFC ecosystem.


“Trusted Service Manager (TSM) for NFC Market 2011” Smart Insights Report includes market forecasts covering the development of the NFC ecosystem (handsets, MNOs, financial institutions, …). It also includes specific market forecasts for TSM platform vendors and TSM operators.



Major findings from “Trusted Service Manager (TSM) for NFC Market 2011” Smart Insights Report include:

  • Standardization bodies such as Global Platform are to play a central role in the emergence of a sustainable TSM market, thanks to interoperability guarantee,
  • Depending on the Secure Element choice, various stakeholders will obtain a dominant position in the NFC ecosystem,
  • The various models for TSM operations, namely MNO-operated, Service Provider-operated, Trusted Third Party or split issuance model are not yet frozen,
  • A critical point in the emergence of NFC as a globally accepted technology, is the deployment of the contactless acceptance infrastructure,
  • MNOs and Financial Institutions will be the most influential stakeholders in the NFC ecosystem, but Transport Operators will always be the most numerous,
  • TSM platform vendors will see their business grow as the NFC market develops and more NFC projects are implemented,
  • TSM pperators will experience a fast growth in their activity as all factors will grow at the same time, their sales in 2015 will be nine times higher than the sales of TSM platform vendors,
  • Total TSM revenue will pass the EUR 2 billion bar in 2015.


“Trusted Service Manager (TSM) for NFC Market 2011” includes qualitative, technology and quantitative information about the various market segments and open options in the NFC environment. This report is an indispensable tool for every company involved in NFC developments: Mobile Network Operators, Financial Institutions, Payment Service Providers, Transport Operators, and other Service Providers, as well as all the technology companies involved in delivering their products and services for the development of NFC technology.


“This new Smart Insights Report “Trusted Service Manager (TSM) for NFC Market 2011” is a must-have for everyone involved in the NFC ecosystem, as it delivers a vision of the future landscape of the NFC ecosystem, in which Trusted Services Managers will play a central role”, said Thierry Spanjaard, CEO of Intelling, and head of Smart Insights Reports.


“Trusted Service Manager (TSM) for NFC Market 2011” is available on line at


Smart Insights Reports, by Intelling, will be present at WIMA, Monaco, on April 19-21, 2011. Do give us a call to arrange a meeting.


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