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11 predictions for 2011

Thursday 16 December 2010

1. Liberation – The secure transactions industry is getting away from its original form factor as we see more USB tokens, SIM card attachments, small contact payment cards, and all shapes of contactless objects,
2. Metamorphosis – We will definitely hear of the embedded SIM concept again in 2011, we may even see its implementation, at least in the M2M environment,
3. Dissent – Even if the interchange issue is settled for the time being in Europe, the battle is not over,
4. Sovereignty – European sovereignty is at stake when Visa and MasterCard play an increasing role in SEPA,
5. Financialization – We already see two major projects in the world, UID in India and PIV in the US, in which an ID card is to support payment functions,
6. Virtualization – For online banking as well as enterprise security, we forecast a fast growth of Mobile OTP solutions as they provide an affordable and easy to deploy alternative to hardware based solutions,
7. Standardization – OSTP (cf. Transport section) global approach to transport will speed up the deployment of projects,
8. Acceptance – The trend in many transport systems is to accept EMV contact or contactless cards as a means of payment,
9. Variety – NFC will be present in a variety of form factors, one of the most interesting ones for the end user being the microSD card,
10. Attraction – Google–Samsung announcement has brought global attention to NFC, RIM is about to join them, and everyone expects Apple to follow with a NFC handset,
11. Spread  - No doubt 2011 will see more NFC pilots, we may even witness some deployments.

Only one certainty in all these predictions: Smart Insights Weekly will keep on bringing you news and analysis on a weekly basis to help you understand better all these changes in our industry.

Thierry Spanjaard
Chief Editor
Smart Insights