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Alcatel-Lucent Ventures launches tikitag

Thursday 9 October 2008

The tikitag service enables the launching of online applications by simply touching an NFC device such as a cell phone to an item tagged with an NFC chip. tikitag can be used in a variety of environments: for example in an in-home application a father can use tikitag to link his toddler’s teddy bear to an online story about that same bear; in an outdoor environment tikitag makes it possible for a visitor to an art gallery to wave his NFC enabled mobile phone at a painting and then see the painter’s Wikipedia profile appear on the phone’s screen; or in a business/logistics environment a cleaning company can, for example, use it to record that a room has been successfully cleaned through a simple touch of an NFC-enabled mobile phone to a tikitag-linked NFC tag that has been placed in the room.

tikitag is offered as a beta starter package since Oct. 1 through e-commerce Web sites. The package includes a USB-enabled NFC reader and electronic tags, and provide access to a community website where users can create and share new and off-the-shelf tikitag applications. Initial applications available for download include the ability to link tags to URLs or linking tagged souvenirs to photo albums. Teenagers will be able to link a tagged photo to their social network profile at Netlog or steer an online music services player to perform pre- programmed actions via a tikitagged object.