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Charismathics announces iPhone two factor authentication

Thursday 5 March 2009

iEnigma turns the iPhone into a storage device for users' digital identities. Whenusers need authenticated access, a digital signature or email or data encryption,they can enter a password and iEnigma handles the rest, turning the iPhone itselfinto the second "factor" required for access. iEnigma secures mobile devices andlets enterprises enact inexpensive two-factor authentication using mobile devicesthat employees already own. charismathics will also make the software availablefor other major smart phone platforms this year, including the support ofdiscrete hardware and supporting major government applications.iEnigma will be available for download from Apple's Apps Store in April.Charismathics also makes clever use of the iPhone's accelerometer. With thesoftware installed and a Wi-Fi connection, users simply shake the iPhone togenerate a digital key.

Sven Gossel, charismathics CEO, said iEnigma represents a huge cost savings forcompanies that might otherwise deploy smart cards and smart card readers.

Headquartered in Munich, Germany, charismathics focuses on the development,deployment and servicing of hardware security tokens of all form factors andprovides simple-to-use solutions for IT security applications since 2004. Thecharismathics Smart Security Interface supports open standards offeringflexibility, versatility, and lower costs in identity management. Whether thecustomer is in the banking and financial sector, mobile and telecommunicationssector, or the PC manufacturing sector, charismathics provides fully integratedand transparent solutions.