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China UnionPay to propose MicroSD secure elements

Thursday 27 October 2011

The original HTC phone design used an NFC-enabled SIM card provided through the mobile operator that acted as the secure element for contactless transactions. However, Chine UnionPay is pushing to avoid a mobile payment and banking system controlled by telecoms in favor of direct bank control.

China Union Pay addressed this issue by publishing the SWP-SD standard, designed to allow banks full control of the secure element in newly designed NFC phones. The SWP-SD standard stipulated that NFC phones should work with either a SIM secure element or a microSD secure element for NFC transactions.

According to GOTrust, banks see the MicroSD secure element as a way of controlling better mobile banking. HTC is the first to deliver the dual standard NFC phone and several other major China-based manufacturers announce product road maps that include dual SWP standard phones available within six months. This independent secure element could possibly be an option for built-in NFC phones.

The GO-Trust microSD features 4GB flash memory card and a Java smart card that can support all other types of secure banking transactions, including funds transfer, bill pay, auto recharge of the NFC purse or ticket/voucher store. The microSD can even transform the phone into a mobile point of sale terminal. This feature will be particularly useful in Western China, as Farmer’s Market economies are still dominant, says GoTrust. The technology would be equally effective in other applications such as gate ticket sales, swap meets and food wagons.

Headquartered in Taichung, Taiwan, Go-Trust specializes in the design, production and application of secure microSDs that have one or more security chips embedded in the microSD form factor. Go-Trust has developed a range of products including hardware security chips. The GO-Trust secure microSD family modules plug into any microSD slot and because they look and behave just like convention flash memory to the mobile device no modification is required to the device or it’s OS not even the installation of a driver. Besides SWP, Go-Trust MicroSD cards include secure mass storage, JavaCard support, EAL5+ certified smart chips, NIST certified encryption, …