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Eurosmart: smart secure devices for digital security and privacy

Thursday 28 June 2012

Eurosmart welcomes the recent proposal from the European Commission for a regulation on eIdentification, eAuthentication and eSignatures as another step forward towards removing existing barriers to Europe’s digital development, but stresses the vital nature of making smart secure devices a mandatory part of this regulation. This was highly successful for mobile telephony and for road safety with the tachograph systems deployment. It must be done again for electronic signature with eIdentification and eAuthentication.

The smart security industry, with its European roots, has developed worldwide over more than 20 years to a point where Eurosmart expects over 7 billion smart secure devices to be shipped in 2012. Thanks to the development of international standards, smart secure devices have contributed to the development of mobile telephony (SIMs), secure payments (EMV banking card), eIdentity (ePassports, tachograph, eResident permit, eID cards, eDriving licenses, eHealthcare cards, eVoting cards) and solutions for eBanking and eCommerce (smart secure tokens, EMV card readers).

Today, the challenge of the digital world is to foster security and trust for Internet based services. Several electronic identification initiatives exist, notably in Europe, but also in the United States. Eurosmart believes that Europe has a great opportunity to federate these initiatives by creating a global and unique electronic identification, authentication and signature standard.

Eurosmart suggests that this electronic identification be secured by a portable smart secure device. In our experience, citizens are more apt to put their trust in a secure, portable and personal object. It acts like a “safety deposit box”, containing his personal data and rights, protected by strong authentication based on "what I have" (my smart secure device) and "what I know" (the PIN code or password).