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G&D launches smart and SD card reader in USB format

Thursday 10 April 2008

An off-the-shelf MicroSD card flexibly stores all data and applications, either securely encrypted or openly accessible. A separate smart card plug-in in SIM card format, which is installed in a second slot in the mobility token, handles the secure administration of keys. Software applications can be executed directly from the token and launched automatically. The token ensures secure authentication of PC users and enables them to encrypt their data independently of transmission and to sign documents.

The StarSign Mobility Token is used for storing data and applications such as hardened browsers, mail clients and other office and driver software. Applications can be launched simply and securely directly from the token when plugged into any computer. In addition, the StarSign Mobility Token provides secure access to virtual private networks (VPN) and online portals, and to online banking. The memory unit on the MicroSD card can be partitioned: into a protected area for software applications, one for encrypted data, and one for openly accessible data. The necessary encryption and decryption are performed directly in the Mobility Token at the High Speed USB signaling rate. This ensures that the encryption and decryption keys never leave the Mobility Token.

The StarSign Mobility Token comes as a complement of the recently announced StarSign USB Token and StarSign USB Token MicroSD (cf. Smart Insights #08-10). “We have developed a brand new generation of hardware authentication tokens which unite a multitude of functions that used to be performed by separate devices. This gives users a maximum of convenience, mobility and security" said Dr. Kai Grassie, head of the New Business division at G&D.