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Gemalto and G&D to introduce embedded SIMs

Thursday 17 November 2011

According to these core players, embedded SIMs are set to play an increasingly important role in society as more and more electronic devices beyond handsets will include a wireless data connection to improve the customer experience. Embedded SIMs can be built into a broad range of connected devices then activated both before and after the customer or enterprise has received their device. Mobile operators are then able to remotely set up a customer’s personal account onto a device, maintaining the same end-to-end security as today.

The pilot implementation will show how the mobile industry is progressing plans to create a common standard for management of embedded SIMs, paving the way for the delivery of the first commercial products from 2012. Earlier this year the GSMA committed to drive a worldwide standard for embedded SIMs, making it easier for manufacturers across a wide range of sectors to design connected devices that will work on any network in any country. The pilot architecture is based on the recommendations of the GSMA Taskforce set up to drive a common standard.

Embedded SIMs consist in soldering the SIM chip onto the handset motherboard. Adopting embedded SIMs would change the paradigm of the mobile communication business for our industry. Embedded SIMs will undoubtedly shift the balance of powers between stakeholders: mobile network operators, handset vendors, SIM card suppliers.