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Hypercom expands in Europe

Thursday 20 November 2008

PayLife selects Artema terminals

Hypercom announced that PayLife Bank, a joint venture of Austrian banks and savings banks and the leading acquiring and issuing company in Austria, has selected and will deploy thousands of Artema Mobile payment terminals in Austria. The Artema Mobile, which uses GPRS communication technology, will be sold by PayLife as the "Mobile Bankomat-Kasse." The terminal is designed to process the Austrian electronic purse "Quick" as well as credit and debit cards. The selection follows PayLife's introduction of Hypercom's Artema Hybrid payment terminal, now in use at thousands of retail locations in the country.

PayLife Bank GmbH is the partner for all cards and the universal provider of cashless payments in Austria. With Maestro, Quick, MasterCard, VISA, JCB and CUP and the new Bankomat POS terminal, PayLife offers everything from a single source. PayLife services approximately 106,600 merchants and 8.4 million cards in Austria. Innovation and cost efficiency are in every aspect of our business. 12% increase in the volume of cashless payment in H1/2008, again confirms the market and customer orientation of PayLife

Wymix is MasterCard PayPass certified

Hypercom Wymix PIN pad has received MasterCard PayPass certification. The Wymix PIN pad with built-in antenna can be used to process payments made by contactless cards as well as NFC-enabled mobile phones. Hypercom's Wymix PIN pad incorporates a chip card and magnetic stripe reader designed for integration with cash register systems at the point of sale. Already used at many thousands of points of sale throughout France, the Wymix has been upgraded to support payment with contactless cards or NFC-enabled phones.

Interest in contactless payment programs in France is high, and several pilots are in progress throughout the country, organized by banks and mobile phone operators. As a result of these test programs, the Wymix PIN pad incorporating contactless technology has been installed in pilots at two major retailers. One of those, the leading French retailer Intermarche with almost 1,500 supermarkets throughout the country, has been using the Wymix PIN pad in a contactless pilot that started in July 2008.