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Identive announces new name policy

Thursday 1 December 2011

Highlights of the new branding include:

  • Rebranding of Identive’s product brands under a single group-wide brand. SCM Microsystems and Arygon Technologies have for nearly 18 months operated under a unified organization within Identive’s ID Infrastructure division and now will offer their market-leading RFID, contactless and contact-based smart card reader technology and solutions under the Identive brand.
  • Smartag, TagStar and ACiG Technology, which have operated for nearly one year as the Transponder division of Identive, will be now offering their RFID solutions under the Identive brand.
  • Hirsch Electronics will adopt the brand Hirsch Identive and will continue to offer security and identity management solutions to enterprise, institutional and government clients worldwide.
  • Identive’s cloud-based Identity as a Service (SaaS) offering will continue under the idOnDemand brand and integrated ID solutions for single card solutions, payment applications and identification systems will continue under the Multicard brand.
  • Identive is adopting a new corporate logo, emphasizing the Company’s focus on providing products, services and solutions along the entire Secure ID value chain.