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Ingenico launches PayPDA, a PDA-based POS

Thursday 29 October 2009


Engineered for mobility, the versatile iPA280 is compact and lightweight - yet rugged enough to cope with even the toughest working environment. Currently under PCI PED 2.0 certification process and EMV certified, the new Ingenico iPA280 delivers security-as-standard by leveraging Ingenico’s payment solution portfolio.

Featuring integrated smart card, magnetic strip and contactless readers, alongside a thermal printer, and a barcode reader for data capture and acquisition, the Ingenico iPA280 eliminates the need for multiple devices, while increasing the speed and value of each consumer interaction. Its set of wireless connectivity modes, including Bluetooth, WiFi and GPRS/Edge assures flexible mobile operations. The iPA280’s remote management capabilities slash operational costs and enhance operator performance, while off-the-shelf and bespoke revenue generating applications open up ‘on-the-move’ sales and enhanced service delivery opportunities. The iPA280 features a clear display and is equipped with a high-resolution graphic interface. Its transflective screen and LED backlight ensure it is easy-to-read under any conditions (including in sunlight.

Based on the 32-bit RISC based Telium 2 Technology, the PayPDA is EMV certified, and is currently under process to be PCI PED 2.0 certified. The PayPDA iPA280 architecture ensures a physical separation between the screen and PINpad used for PIN acqusition and other functions. The PayPDA is based on Windows CE, leveraging a wide base of existing applications (with minimal porting effort) and the most extensive development community for new apps. Along with its PayPDA, Ingenico provides a development environment (SDK) and technical support to software developers creating mobile solutions in retail, mobile services, transportation, hospitality, gaming businesses, …