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Thursday 29 April 2010

Also, Inside’s Open NFC protocol stack will be proposed to the Open Handset Alliance (OHA) as the reference implementation for Android to sit on top of the hardware abstraction layer, and the company expects to release an NFC chip simulator and board to developers by the end of the third quarter of 2010.

Inside Contactless says its Open NFC protocol stack brings proven, high quality, well-documented NFC software into the open source arena, providing a complete NFC middleware solution for mobile phones, embedded products and other devices. It benefits device makers, software developers as well as others in the mobile ecosystem in several ways, providing greater impetus to implement NFC solutions across a broad range of consumer products. Open NFC supports several levels of functionality, from low-level RF control to high-level NFC Forum tag handling, peer-to-peer communications as well as Bluetooth and Wi-Fi pairing, interactions with single-wire protocol SIMs and other secure elements and compatibility with smart cards and RFID tags based on FeliCa, Mifare and ISO 14443 standards.