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Inside ships over 10 million NFC chips this year

Thursday 3 November 2011

Inside positions its MicroRead and SecuRead at the core of its offer to NFC device makers. Inside says MicroRead NFC microcontroller features the lowest standby current in the industry, more than four times lower than other commercial products, resulting in a power-friendly implementation for mobile devices. Device implementations with MicroRead and SecuRead also require significantly fewer external components, resulting in the smallest footprint in the industry at less than 70 mm2. Further, MicroRead achieves EMVco card emulation compliance with a minimal 40x15 mm antenna size – more than 30% smaller than any other commercial product.

With the same exact package size and pin-out as MicroRead, the Inside SecuRead system-in-package today offers 25% more secure applet and data storage capacity – 106K bytes – than other commercially available secure elements, and will be expanded to 144K bytes in a H1/2012 release. Based upon an internal benchmark of Visa mobile applet performance, SecuRead is 20% faster than other available NFC implementations, proving most suitable for open bank card payments in emerging transit systems. Support is uniquely provided within SecuRead for over-the-air (OTA) updates of OS functionality, providing the greatest flexibility over the life cycle of NFC devices. SecuRead features the most substantive applet library in the industry—from payment to transit to ID to retail applications—and is unique in supporting mobile device-based HID iClass physical access control applications within the NFC market.

Several leading handset makers have introduced smartphones integrating NFC capabilities already this year, and the number of NFC phones introduced is expected to accelerate in 2012.