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JCB chooses Visa

Thursday 1 March 2007

The same terminals will be used to accept Visa contactless and JCB J/Speedy, which will increase drastically the number of acceptance points.

JCB also prides itself for rolling out an EMV-based contactless solution, which represents a major step towards a global interoperability of contactless payment cards.

This movement comes after several pilots, from both parties:

  • In Taiwan, Visa Wave contactless card is accepted at Watsons, Blockbuster, RT-Mart, Taipei 101 and Breeze malls… Watsons reports queues are 77% shorter and purchase amount is 130% higher with customers using Visa Wave. Taiwanese merchants will be the first to accept both Visa Wave and JCB J/Speedy.
  • In Japan, Visa introduced Visa Touch, based on Sony Felica product.
  • Also in Japan, in April 2005, JCB introduced QUICpay, also based on Sony Felica.