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Juniper: one in six handsets to have NFC

Thursday 19 November 2009

The NFC report determined that payments and retail transactions such as coupons would combine to transform the phone into not only a payment tool but also a retail tool in addition to its many current functions. Further findings include :

  • NFC/FeliCa payments are already established in Japan but by 2014 North America and Western Europe will be experiencing high growth,
  • By 2014, NFC global gross transaction value will exceed US$ 110 billion (EUR 74 billion),
  • Retailing ARPU from NFC coupons and smart posters will exceed ARPU from NFC payment transactions.

The Juniper Research report examines the opportunities available in both the mobile payments market and the mobile retail market (smart posters and coupons), as well as newly emerging interim solutions such as stickers & SD cards. This report features detailed six year forecasts across eight regions of the world, for shipments of NFC enabled devices and interim NFC solutions, NFC devices in use for payments, transactions traffic, NFC transaction value and coupons and smart poster ARPU until 2014.

The report presents market figures in tables and charts such as: mobile device shipments, NFC device shipments, NFC users, shipments of NFC interim solutions, NFC device usage, NFC transaction traffic, Average transaction values of NFC payments, NFC transaction fees and ARPU for both payments and retail marketing - split by mobile coupons & smart posters - all by eight key regions until 2014.