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MediaTek announces 3-SWP NFC chip

Thursday 24 January 2013

MediaTek, a major Taiwan-based fabless semiconductor company for wireless communications and digital multimedia solutions, announced the availability of the MT6605, that the company positions as the world’s 1st dual-SIM plus 1 micro SD card capable NFC solution positioned to expand the adoption in and usefulness of mainstream mobile platforms. Featuring a unique 3-SWP (single-wire protocol) architecture, the MT6605 allows co-existence of multiple applications, such as information exchange/retrieval, ticketing, access control/authentication, location-based services and device pairing.


The MT6605 provides integration with MediaTek’s Android mobile platforms and enables NFC connectivity on smartphones and tablets. It supports simultaneously three secure elements, both embedded and SIM-based, meaning a possible usage scenario could be a dual-SIM plus one micro SD card configuration in one device.


The MT6605 software stack complies with the NFC Forum Controller Interface (NCI) and works on multiple OS platforms including Android. The chip also incorporates MediaTek’s ”Beam Plus” technology that optimizes the NFC plus Wi-Fi handover procedure and can reduce device paring time significantly at very low power operations. MediaTek says its works with its customers to support their antenna designs for significantly smaller antenna sizes than current market offerings.


The MediaTek MT6605 NFC chip is currently being designed into smartphones by MediaTek’s customers along with the company’s Android mobile platforms. The first smartphone models based on this new chipset are expected to ship commercially in Q2/2013.


According to Strategy Analytics, MediaTek ranked number two (after Qualcomm) with 12.8% revenue share in the cellular baseband market in H1/2012 thanks to its strong 3G smartphone processor shipments. MediaTek remains ahead of Intel, Broadcom and ST-Ericsson in the cellular baseband market.