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More than one million Visa EMV cards in the US

Thursday 16 February 2012

Consumer EMV chip card programs are available from financial institutions such as Chase Card Services, State Employees' Credit Union, US Bank, and Wells Fargo (cf. SIW #10-26, #11-16 and #11-25). The growing adoption of chip technology in the US has been facilitated by Visa's flexible approach to cardholder verification, which provides choices to issuers and merchants as they deploy chip cards and terminals that support signature or PIN or a combination of the two, based on the unique needs of their customers.

Visa Chip Services
To support continued issuer adoption of chip payment technology, Visa is introducing Visa Chip Services, a suite of new and existing solutions to help issuers implement programs using EMV chip technology, including NFC-based mobile payments. Several US issuers have already taken advantage of Visa's services to introduce chip card programs, primarily targeted to international travelers, which represents a first step in a more broad-based migration. More than a dozen programs have been introduced since 2010.

In addition to consulting services, best practices and testing tools, Visa says it is able to provide chip data processing and authentication services for issuers who have not made the back-end host system upgrades to be able to recognize and process more complicated chip transaction data.