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NFC Forum global competition winners announced

Thursday 1 July 2010

Commercial track winners are:

  • First place, "The Best NFC Service of the Year 2010": Nexperts (Austria) for Touch & Pay, which makes self-service shopping as easy as possible. The customer's NFC-enabled phone provides access to the store, a virtual shopping basket, and the payment terminal. The principle of Touch & Pay can be extended to rural areas or countries without a POS payment infrastructure.
  • Second-place winner is ITN International (USA) for BCard Reader - NFC ecosystem for events and tradeshows. The BCard Reader is the first and only dedicated NFC ecosystem designed to manage and enhance the information exchange process at events, tradeshows, and exhibitions.
  • Third place goes to NTT DoCoMo (Japan) for Wellness Support - NFC dynamic tags enable new style data communication. With Wellness Support, an NFC dynamic tag is embedded into personal healthcare devices, enabling convenient and instant data exchange.

Research Track winners are:

  • First place, "The Most Innovative NFC Research Project of the Year 2010": PharmaFabula (Spain) for NFC mobile technology and RFID for identification of medicines for the blind. Using an NFC-enabled mobile device, PharmaFabula provides object identification for the blind. It reports medical information from prescriptions, leaflets, and other useful data in audio format. It can also provide personal information, like dosage and treatment duration. ONCE, the Spanish organization of blind people, tested PharmaFabula and were very satisfied with the results.
  • Second place: Artesis University College Antwerp (Belgium) for NFC Learning Environment, which lets teachers tag objects that students then investigate and explore. This application brings the advantages of NFC into the world of education as these "smart objects" share their story. The system provides exercises, registers student achievement, and keeps teachers up-to-date.
  • Third-place prize goes to Lancaster University (UK) for MyState: allowing users to describe themselves and their environment with NFC and Facebook, which allows users to create interactive environments by placing NFC tags on objects to create individual, personalized applications.