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NXP launches NFC chip

Thursday 21 May 2009

NXP has created with the PN544 a solution which is fully compliant with all released NFC specifications on the Single Wire Protocol (SWP) connection with the SIM and the Host Controller Interface (HCI). In addition, NXP worked closely with SIM card manufacturers such as Gemalto, Oberthur Technologies and Giesecke & Devrient to ensure SWP interface interoperability including support of the Mifare technology. The new NFC controller is fully backward -compatible and interoperable with existing contactless infrastructure for payments and ticketing, already in place across the world.

To meet the needs of the differing handset manufacturers, the PN544 has been designed to support the three main architectures which are used to secure NFC transactions, including the Secure Element within the Universal Integrated Circuit Card (UICC), within the SD card and within the mobile handset (embedded Secure Element: PN544 plus Smart MX security chip in a pin to pin compliant solution).

NXP's PN544 is currently being sampled by a number of major handset manufacturers. Mass availability of the product is targeted during Q3/2009 - at the same time first commercially NFC-enabled handsets are expected to be launched.