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New Zealand MNOs and banks together launch Semble

Thursday 16 October 2014

“Semble” is the name given for the NFC mobile payment service launched by TSM NZ, the joint venture between mobile network operators Spark New Zealand (previously known as Telecom New Zealand), Vodafone and 2degrees, and financial institutions grouped under the Paymark payment network, the structure which runs the eftpos payment network.


Semble is the result of the collaboration between Paymark (the company that processes the majority of EFTPOS transactions in NZ, and owned by the four largest banks: ANZ, ASB, BNZ and Westpac), and New Zealand's mobile network providers (2degrees, Spark and Vodafone). 


A live market pilot is to start in November with around 250 people, and Semble will be available for New Zealanders to download from Google Play in 2015.


The service will be available from “early next year” for customers of any of New Zealand’s mobile network operators on a range of Android NFC phones. Users’ personal data will be stored in a secure element contained within the SIM card issued by their mobile network operator.


There are already over 750,000 NFC enabled android smartphones in the market here, a figure expected to rise to close to one million devices by Christmas, according to Semble. New Zealanders are already familiar with contactless transactions as have made over 20 million contactless transactions worth an estimated NZD 735 million (EUR 456 million) by August 2014. Also, Over 16,000 terminals in New Zealand accept contactless payment today.


Besides credit and debit cards issued by ASB and BNZ, the Semble Wallet will also include a number of Air New Zealand Airpoints-earning GlobalPlus cards.


Later, additional bank cards, loyalty cards, public transport and much more will eventually be integrated into Semble-enabled phones. Semble has also entered into a marketing partnership with Samsung that will support Semble’s initial launch and rollout, according to the company CEO Rob Ellis.


Semble says its is different to other payment technologies for one big reason; it has been created by Kiwis, for Kiwis. In fact, Semble is unique in the fact that it associates mobile network operators, financial institutions and processors to build a single mobile payment system.