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Nice Future Campus launched

Thursday 19 November 2009

Stakeholders in the consortium include:

  • Extelia is in charge of project management. Extelia provides NFC (Near Field Communication) components and a solution for electronic documents as well as a mobile ticketing solution. Extelia belongs to the La Poste Group, the French government post office operator, and specializes in externalization of Customer relation and back office management.
  • Nice Sophia Antipolis University and Jm@gine foundation work together to develop the overall services. The Jm@gine foundation is born from a partnership between Nice Sophia Antipolis University with Credit Agricole, Amadeus and CoveaTech (cf. Smart Insights Weekly #08-04). They also coordinate with a team of sociologists economists from the university.
  • BMS - who created the Moneo electronic purse – brings its expertise to integrate Moneo in a mobile phone (contactless payment and reloading).
  • Orange Labs brings its expertise in NFC technology development, and provides NFC student service deployment in the NFC SIM, as well as analysis of users’ feedback.
  • Mobile Distillery provides their Celsius development platform that allows NFC applications to run on the widest range of available phones - more than 200 to date – with optimization in a few clicks. The platform works with ‘native’ NFC phones and standard phones in conjunction with NFC devices such as the Bluetooth/NFC stickers developed by Twinlinx, or ASK’s Add-on.
  • ASK develops the Add-On NFC and the High Secure Module (HSM) containing transport keys for remote reloading, initialization …
  • Cassis International provides the Trusted Service Management (TSM) platform which performs OTA (Over The Air) management of secure elements and partner’s applications lifecycle management, notably downloading and personalization.